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The CrossFit Open

The Open is a global celebration of all the individual reasons we do CrossFit. Maybe it's for living  healthier lives. Maybe it's to lift your kids or stay fit to care for your family. Maybe it's to prove that we can do more than we ever thought possible. Whatever it is, this is the time to show the world your only why with #ThisIsWhy

The Covid 19 breakdown has turned 2020 into a particularly challenging year. CrossFit affiliates have had to redouble their efforts to keep their businesses going and to continue working to improve the lives of their community members.

The CrossFit Open provides us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate to governments the unique and essential character of sports practice in improving the quality of life of people. Encourage all members of your community to sign up for the Open, we're going to make this great global event, celebrating our lifestyle. In these uncertain times we need to vindicate the importance of CrossFit practice to continue to build healthier and happier societies.


Let's send a message to society, with our massive participation in the 2021 Open, so it's clear that we're not the PROBLEM, we're part of the SOLUTION. #CrossFitOpen

To Register for the OPEN click below and choose KFCrossFit as your gym

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