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1Ton LiftOff

KinFolk Fitness 2nd Annual One Ton Lift Off is HERE!!!!!
When: Saturday February 27th

We will all spend the Competition Day on 6 Lifts with 1 Goal             ***We will all try to PR our***


How does it work?
You will share the platform with 2 other competitors spending
25 min per lift to reach a 1RM for the day. 

2 Divisions: Open and Masters 35+


Awards given for:
-Male & Female Lifter w/ biggest total
-Masters Male & Masters Female Lifter w/ biggest total
-Male & Female Lifter w/ highest power index (weight lifted/ body weight)
-Males who Complete 1Ton (2000lbs)
-Females who Complete 1Ton (1200lbs)

Final Scores

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 11.00.43
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