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Krista Lambert

Krista started CrossFit 4 years ago because her husband dared her to try it. She's been an athlete most of her life but working out a local globo-gym just wasn't filling the void of community and competition that youth sports left.   


After having twins prematurely and living a sheltered life for a few years she gained a heavy 50 pounds. CrossFit helped Krista lose that weight in a healthy way and set her family up for a much healthier lifestyle.  


Most of the time you can catch Krista, her husband, and her twins at the box--all together.  Kinfolk is their way of life...Kinfolk is family.  


Krista has taken Adaptive Training Classes, focusing on seated athletes and is working towards a full adaptive fitness certificate. She plans to use this in CrossFit and her day job as an Intervention Specialist in the public school system.



Adaptive Training Certification (in progress)

Crisis Prevention

First Aid 


Child Behavior Response 

Positive Behavior Support 



BA in Elementary Education

MA in Special Education 

MA in Leadership Studies


Q: What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

A: Wall Balls.....or anything where I can wear my vest!

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