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Haley Crum 

Haley Crum is 22 years-old, and has been doing CrossFit for about 7 years. When she started CrossFit, she had minimal athletic background and zero strength. She admired strong women, however, and so deeply wanted to feel strong too. With strength came confidence, productiveness, ambition, and an overall gain in happiness. This sport absolutely has changed her life--in incomprehensible ways.

She loves competing with herself. CrossFit allows her to do that everyday; It drives her to push herself in all aspects of life. She recently graduated from Marshall University with a BS in Communication Disorders, and she is planning on earning a Masters degree. She has been a fitness instructor at Marshall University, and coached Yoga, Spin Class, and other functional fitness modalities. She strives to be a positive coach, motivator, and friend to the entire Kinfolk community. 



Fitness Instructor



Q: What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

A: Handstand Push-ups. Because being upside is fun!

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